By Donna Fitzgerald

I’ve held good memories
In one hand while the other hand
Was tied behind my back
I’ve breathed the secrets deep within
The walls about to crack
I’ve felt the pull
The compass spin
While history pulled me back
I thought I would crawl the trail you blazed
Dead space replaced the tracks
My fear, I will settle anyplace
My nightmare on my back.
I wish I had a different face
One I would know to laugh
When raining insults soaked my clothes
While helpless in your draft
If I could only see my toes
I would split myself in half
To go whichever way to go
On disappearing daft
To dance the briered rows to hoe
With wand and golden calf
And sew my woes
To the winds that blow
A fantasy to craft.
I’ve held my tongue
While the tattlers sung
In four part harmony
And watched the smiles turn to crocodiles
As the tears began to bleed
I’ve held the hand the pushed the pram
And landslide over me
By The Ten Commandments I was damned
By the man who planned me free
To live off the land
Of the underhanded
Liars and cowards and thieves.
I’ve screamed to the moon
To understand
That the sun is having fun with me
Yet go unheard
With never a word
Till I drift off to sleep
And dream to the womb
To the barren land
Where the apple falls far from the tree
And the seeds I can take in my tiny hands
And fling them into the sea.