To soon the night
Pewter handled candle snuffer
Snuffs the light
I strain my ears to listen
Poorly drawn physician
Just for a moment, glistens
Wingless angel’s kiss and
You disappear
You disappear
Into the clear
Moon, Blue Moon and wine
Pinot Noir , bizarre memoir
Of a scarred mind
I give my hosts’ permission
The ghosts of wit and wisdom
Archaeological expedition
A search and rescue mission
In object recognition
The girl
And all her victims
Fall like glitter
From the hands
Of Mae West’s
And a man
In a tailored vest
Questions me
A half a dozen times
“You want another one?”
It’s darkest before dawn
Fairy light and headphones on
I coast on chambray fields
The thrill is gone
You linger on
A torch song
And in the lyric
I can hear it
As the sun begins to rise
You are prettier
But I’ll take Whittier
For his excellent advise.