I walked the line but could not find a way to get back home
I changed my mind, the ties that bind
forsaking friends and lovers blind
through wind and Wuthering worlds unkind
while carrying a heavy load
A bomb about to explode
A dissociative episode
The prince, a deceptive toad
Success, an encrypted code
For a comfortable abode
and you were right there by my side on Revelations Road.
I sold my soul for fool’s gold
a snake oil huckster, a pitch age-old
The Matron’s apron, icy cold
My heart, a part of cautions told
to the patrons of The Slaughtered Goat
The shepherd, a wolf-skin coat
My savior, a leaky boat
Blind faith to keep me afloat
A blood soaked suicide note
In truth, the antidote
A Dylan Thomas quote:
“And death shall have no dominion”
Cursed contrary opinion
The usurper and his minion.
My dear companion bending down
take my hand before I drown
there is love and light on higher ground
a mile or so to safe and sound
where in your shadow solace found
on Revelations Road.