In the Kingdom of David

The false Knight lies

On the steps of the temple

With the Lord of flies

Entangled in an enigma

A web of lies

Between arrogance and ignorance

And the Harlot’s thighs

The voice of the virgin from the village cries

“Wisdom you wish for is in thine own eyes,

Look to your spirit to be your guide

Lay down your sword and your aging disguise

Truth is beauty still heralds the skies

I give you my body for an honest reply.”

In the Kingdom of David

The death bell rings

For the Officer and Gentleman

To the forefront brings

His shipmates for the rape as if it’s one of those things

That happens when the Captain is drunk and sings

The Beatles


When she moves that way

Reminds me of Salome

One night in the brig boy it will be ok

When it’s over and you’re sober and your thoughts are grey

It’s only a blur. It never really occurred.

She wasn’t that much to speak of anyway.

A dish for the fishes

Another easy lay

Now, Bring on the horizon

And seize the day!

In The Kingdom of David

The Queen falls ill

For swallowing poison that was meant to kill

The vixen, the unsuspecting victim who holds the basin for the blood to spill

For the artist and her paintbrush and the poet and her quill

In the Thinker’s shack at the foot of the hill

Where The Cowboy Junkies are playing still

“waiting forJimmy to come back home”

The hearth lies empty and cold as stone

A tower of dust on the telephone

The ghosts from the past whimper and moan

Safe in your silence

In alliance with the cast

Of the soap operetta

We both knew wouldn’t last

In defiance of the past

Hoist the sail up against the mast

Cast your demons into the wind

This is where the Day begins

And the nightmare ends

sail away


In your wake

I wake




and lay

forever changed

Out of reach, On the beach of my favorite escape.